Pushing oneself is the only way to get better at MTB and anything else in life!
Practicing on the same terrain will only get us so far. I force myself to ride trails that scare the heck out of me. This is my mantra: “I can handle this, and it doesn’t have to be pretty.” All challenges get the same treatment. I’ll take the plunge on something new and figure it out on the way down. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Exploring new terrain makes me a better rider, but also more confident in my abilities. Taking these risks expands what I believe I can do as a person, and it’s incredibly rewarding.
Being a Realtor could only get me so far, that’s why I got my Broker’s license. The level of service I can provide for my clients is exponentially more than if I had stayed comfortably as a realtor. Always looking to expand my toolbox by acquiring new certifications ensures that I am ready to better serve the needs of my clients and friends every day.
As someone who always has a plan, I like to know what’s coming next. MTB forces me out of that comfort zone. On the mountain, one can’t always see what’s around the next turn. We don’t know what the terrain is going to be like just by looking at a map. Trail conditions vary from one section to the next, from one day to the other. You’ll never ride the same trail twice. The same way in real estate, no transaction is the same as the one before. There are always new challenges to overcome for the clients and I am always attentive of every single detail to make sure nothing creeps on me unprepared.
My friends, let’s chase our dreams, and challenge ourselves… If it is your dream to sell your house and get into a new one, I’m here to help you. You got other dreams? Share them with me, I promise I’ll be there cheering you up all the way until they become a reality. Whatever it is: Never, ever give up! God bless!!! MT