My Zen moments while Mountain Biking… wait what???
Alongside requiring a lot of physical fitness and stamina, a large part of being able to ride off road trails is having mental discipline and control, largely because of the element of danger involved. MTB exercises and stimulates the mind in different ways to other sports. MTB requires intense focus and concentration during long periods of time because of the potentially severe consequences of making a mistake while riding down the trails. To perform well you often need to overcome fear, which requires a high degree of mental self-control. So, practicing MTB I strengthen my ability to keep a clear mind and to stay composed under pressure, skills that are very valuable when handling the biggest financial transaction in the life of my clients. By practicing MTB, I must think out of the box and always stay on top of my game. My state of mind is laser focused on the task at hand while FORWARD
When I’m sending it down the mountain, I get into a rhythm. I’m not thinking about work or how I can barely feel my legs. I just focus on my bike, body, and the slalom in front of me. My Zen moments happen when I’m riding on that fine line between being in control and nearly crashing it. It’s the most badass feeling I’ve ever experienced, and I’m completely hooked to the excitement. Having a physical outlet boosts my self-esteem and helps me clear my mind at the same time. That’s what Zen is for me. Whenever I feel lost or down, I remind myself of what it’s like to tear down a mountain as fast as possible.
MTB has made me a stronger person. This sport has taught me about facing fear, having goals, pushing past my limits and finding inner peace. Also, it’s really freaking fun.
You don’t have to be a professional athlete to learn how to do an extreme sport like a pro. We can enjoy plenty of very friendly off-road trails in this area… Call me and let’s go biking!
To be continued…