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Ray Suarez: Elevating San Antonio’s Residential Real Estate Experience Through Exceptional Client Service.

In the dynamic realm of San Antonio’s residential and luxury real estate market, one name shines as a beacon of unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and elevating the home buying and selling experience: Ray Suarez. With a proven track record and an acute understanding of the region’s housing landscape, Suarez has become synonymous with excellence […]

NAR’s Chief Economist sees the light at the end of the tunnel

NAR’s Chief Economist Criticizes the Federal Reserve’s Actions During the Residential Economic Issues and Trends Forum at the Realtors Legislative Meetings, Lawrence Yun, the Chief Economist of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), expressed his disagreement with the Federal Reserve’s recent decision to raise interest rates in an attempt to control inflation. Yun began his […]

Health, wellbeing, and sustainability as top concerns for our luxury buyers.

People are becoming increasingly cognizant of their wellbeing, and it is our responsibility as Real Estate Professionals to inform them of the numerous ways a home can improve it.   The first things wealthy clients frequently notice about a luxury home are its style, size, and beauty; but, for certain customers, the ultimate “wow factor” […]

ARMs (Adjustable Rate Mortgages) becoming more attractive!

Good news if you’ve been worried about buying a home right now: the pressure that have been pushing up housing prices the last few months have started to ease up. Housing inventory has started to slowly improve. Borrowers are starting to rediscover a way to obtain a lower interest rate at the start of their […]

BUSTED! Ten myths buyers and sellers believe about the current market… and how we can help you!

In the crazy market that exists today, there are plenty of poor ideas on both the buying and selling sides of the equation. The following is an explanation of how to dispel those common misunderstandings so that everyone may receive what they want. Because of the way the market is now functioning, sellers are acting […]

Is now a suitable time to buy a home? Yes, with the right assistance and guidance: OURS!

In the last year, mortgage rates have risen from 3% to 5%, and the question, “Is this the ideal time to buy?” is often on my customers’ minds. One of my customers is looking to downsize from his longstanding residence, but the alternatives available to him are startling. He cannot find a property to purchase […]

The housing market is finally cooling off…

We are now seeing the first symptoms of a slowing housing market after 14 months of double-digit year-over-year house price rise. Do not be concerned. There will be no crash. Prices may not even decrease. Instead, this will be a much-needed rebalancing from today’s unbalanced market circumstances. This is particularly encouraging news for first-time buyers. […]

7 things you can do right now to improve your changes on buying a new home

Set yourself up for success before jumping into the hot property market. These days, finding a new place to call home may be a difficult endeavor but possible with the right strategy and I’m here to strategize with you.  As interest rates are climbing, there has been a rush to lock in lower relative rates, […]

What Inflation Means for Home Buyers and Sellers

Allow me to answer the 5 most frequent questions I am asked: What is up with inflation these days? As of March, inflation rates in the US reach the highest levels observed in the last three decades. Consumer prices rose 8.4% last month from a year ago. That is the sharpest annual rate increase since […]

Buyers, maximize your home search time and survive the house hunting process!

House hunting, it’s practically a part-time job. Here’s the secret so you can save time in the process: House hunting feels like a part-time job when you’re attending showings, meeting with lenders, exchanging emails with me, your real estate agent, and constantly checking the internet for new listings. According to a recent survey from real […]

Did you know there are special programs for First Time Homebuyers that you could be eligible for?

The city of San Antonio is offering a HOMEOWNERSHIP INCENTIVE PROGRAM (HIP 80) The Homeownership Incentive Program (HIP 80) provides assistance for homebuyers in the general public by lending between $1,000 and $30,000 as a 0% interest / no payments second loan which can be used for the down-payment required by your lender and some […]

House Hunting Is Literally a Part-Time Job — Here’s How To Save Time on It

Between attending showings, meeting with lenders, trading emails with me, your real estate agent, and vigilantly scouring for new listings, house-hunting often feels like a part-time job. Now, there’s actual data to back up the feeling. A new report from real estate platform Opendoor found that first-time homebuyers are sinking a lot of time into […]