People are becoming increasingly cognizant of their wellbeing, and it is our responsibility as Real Estate Professionals to inform them of the numerous ways a home can improve it.


The first things wealthy clients frequently notice about a luxury home are its style, size, and beauty; but, for certain customers, the ultimate “wow factor” may be the home’s capacity to foster a complete, meaningful, and value-aligned existence.


A Real Estate Associate at Golden Gate Sotheby’s International Realty, notes that health, wellness, and sustainability comprise a sizable portion of her talks with customers, particularly with purchasers in the San Francisco Bay Area and Peninsula. “These issues arise organically when I ask my clients to describe their ‘dream home’ or what their existing home lacks.”


Another Real Estate Associate at Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty, concurs. “Because there are many overlapping dimensions of wellness, such as environmental, social, physical, emotional, and intellectual, I make it a point to remind my purchasers that they’re not only buying a house, but also a lifestyle and an environment,” she says.


Here are three broad considerations for us, your Real Estate Professionals, to keep in mind as we assist our clients in achieving their health and wellness objectives.


A holistic approach to health and the home.

Consciously or subconsciously, clients worry about how their future house can enhance their quality of life; yet, as previously stated, it is sometimes necessary for us to assist them put things in perspective. Our goal with buyers is to get them to see the big picture!


Home is a sensation — one that arises from the pleasure you receive from being there or going there; you love the ride to your house, the street where you live, the people you spend time with, the garden you tend, and the window seat where you read a nice book. This is where we, as a partner in our clients’ house hunt, must focus our attention.


This expansive picture of the home’s benefits should extend beyond the property’s four walls. Clients demand an indoor-outdoor connection in their lifestyle, walkability is essential, with close access to a city and the ability to walk or bike to school and work. Additionally, they desire walking, hiking, and bicycling paths, as well as access to natural areas and wilderness preserves.


The proximity of great food stores, gyms and sports clubs, and holistic health services generates additional value for health-conscious clientele.


Bringing light into the lives of homeowners.

When speaking with prospective consumers about selecting a future home that enhances their overall happiness and well-being, we typically hear the same request: natural light.


This is one of the most sought-after aspects of luxury residences. Many purchasers are highly interested in exposure coordinates – where are the rooms and windows facing north, south, east, and west? Natural light has been shown to lower blood pressure and anxiety while enhancing concentration.


Human-centric lighting and LED systems adjusted to internal, circadian biorhythms offer many of the same benefits.


Aspiring to live a carbon-neutral lifestyle.

Not only are clients concerned about their own health, but also the health of their communities and the world, which is why sustainability is a top priority for many when evaluating homes. Particularly, renewable energy, passive design, and resilience emerge as prominent themes when engaging with purchasers about their “net zero” lifestyle aspirations. Here is a closer look at these three pillars of sustainability:


Renewable energy is the generation and storage of electricity necessary to power a home. Typical components include solar panels, micro inverters that keep the home linked to the grid in the event of a power outage, and solar batteries.


Passive design emphasizes environmentally responsible design decisions that optimize energy efficiency while limiting resource usage. The home’s orientation, climate, insulation, and materials all contribute to its overall carbon footprint reduction.


Lastly, resilience refers to the property’s adaptability to a changing environment. HEPA filters to assure air quality, water filtration and softening systems with UV purification procedures, drought -and fire-resistant landscaping, and stone, stucco, cement, and insulated concrete constructions all contribute to the home’s long-term quality and durability.


Clients ambition a home with everything. There are a variety of health and wellness features that can appeal to buyers, such as steam rooms, spa showers, and massage spaces, home fitness studios, and tranquil gardens with water features. However, sometimes it takes a real estate professional, like us, to help clients envision what their lifestyle could be like.


We know you desire to associate with knowledgeable partners that cherish a pleasurable, well-balanced lifestyle. We understand that wellness is the core of obtaining a greater level of physical, mental, and spiritual equilibrium, so that you are thriving rather than merely surviving. We make it our priority, as your partners in the house hunting process, to keep these goals of yours in mind. Give us a call Today (210) 418-0067.