With the market operating well, homeowners are opting to sell their current residence and transition to something more luxurious or downgrade to something quainter. The problem is, no one knows how long this real estate game is going to offer high payouts; so why not sell as soon as you can to get the most profit?

We get it. Easier said than done. Your home is not clean enough for prospective buyers’ tours, never mind ready for sale.

We have you covered, have no fear! Below, you will find five of the easiest upgrades you can get done in as little as one weekend. When we say fast, we mean fast. So, get up and get moving! It is time to sell your place.


Update Lights & Hardware

Lights and fixtures can go out of style overnight. Why? Because they follow the current fashion trends, and we all know how fashion operates.

Check out some online sites and local magazines. Are your lights and fixtures outdated? If so, it is time to head on over to your local hardware store and change things up.

The most common go-to’s are updating bathroom wall sconces, entryway lighting, and dining room pendants. After that, look at your kitchen knobs, handles, and pulls. Even if they are up to date, make sure the finish is vibrant and not scratched up.


Repaint Rooms

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way, and it only costs about $20 per gallon! Not only will it brighten up the rooms, making them look more alive, but it will also cover up stains, scratches, and odors.

Stick with neutral colors if you can, like creams, tans, and grays. These shade tones are easiest to match with interior design themes and furniture items.


Clean Up the Yard

Landscaping and curb appeal are major draw ins; if a prospective buyer sees a neat front yard with greenery, plants, and flowers, it will make them more eager to learn what the inside looks like.

The same goes with curb appeal. If the driveway is free of cracks and the garage door is current, you will definitely get more requests to take a deeper dive into your house.


Upgrade Flooring

That goes for hardwood and carpets. How old is the flooring around your house? Do the carpets smell musty and feel worn down? Did the hardwood floors lose their shine while getting all scratched up?

A quick and easy update on the flooring is easy enough. Select something neutral and easy to take care of and you are good to go. Averaging about $10-$12 per square foot, you are sure to increase your resale value and grab buyers’ attention swiftly.


Leave Some Fun Things Behind

Though this does not constitute an upgrade, it will intrigue buyers and urge them to make a bid on your home.

At home movie theaters are a big sell for families with kids or couples that genuinely enjoy movie and show entertainment. If you have a portable projector, that’ll make it a must-have home.

Smart systems like smart thermostats, smart alarm systems, and smart lighting set ups are great for the tech-savvy families, couples, and singles. A combination of smart options is an even bigger win considering they can be pricey in the end.

Brand new, expensive appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, and stoves can save future homeowners a pretty penny. Truth be told, you are not required to leave those items behind, but it is a sweet surprise when you do. The next people will appreciate the appliances just as much as you did, if not more!