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Defining a REO Homes Property San Antonio

What is an REO property? REO is the term used to describe the property that has been sold by a bank for several reasons. It could be due to the evading of the loan repayment or the default of the security deposit. The property in question is called an REO. If the bank sells the property at the value that was set by the market, then it will be described as a foreclosure. If the property is sold at the original value, the property is termed as REO property. No financial institution would like to hold REO on the books for too long. This is because the longer these properties remain unsold, the more risk must be managed. Therefore, moving the property back to the market as quickly as possible after the foreclosure proceedings have been concluded is exceptionally crucial.

Here Is How Our Professional Real Estate Sales Agents Can Help You Out

When it comes to selling REO properties the support of expert real estate brokers will help you get the best price possible. Since a bank can have Real Estate Owned properties spread all across the country, having a centralized vendor to work with helps streamline processes as they take care of the hassles that come alongside. At Ray Suarez, we have some of the best professionals from across the country to help you with the sales of REO home properties in San Antonio.

Asset management companies have access to numerous management software that has been specifically designed to help asset managers gain the right to use the experience and credentials submitted by agents all across the company. At Ray Suarez, we employ several such systems to help asset managers find the agent they are looking for quickly since these systems have in-built scorecards that have a track record of how well the agent has performed in the past. In essence, these scorecards spell out their past successes.
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This transparent method helps you have complete faith that you will be listing your property with an agent who intends to sit by until somebody else sells the house. Nonetheless, we also realize that simply because an agent has an exemplary record, successfully selling properties does not necessarily mean that they are responsive to the specific needs and requirements of the asset managers. This is exactly why we like to test all our agents in a real-life setting to judge how well they work when it comes to selling REO properties in San Antonio.

Training Our Agents Extensively to Perform At Their Optimal Best

At Ray Suarez, we also offer collateral valuations to our esteemed clients which means that there is always a need for Broker Price Opinions. Therefore, it is extremely easy for us to offer all the newly affiliate agents a BPO order on a tight deadline to judge their responsiveness as well as the quality of work they have to offer to clients. The BPO evaluation tells a lot about the agent. Do they use relevant comparisons? Are they detail-oriented? Did they pay close attention while filling out the important details of the home? Are the pictures relevant and clear? How are their comments? Most importantly, are the values they present close to the appraisals or previous BPOs? If not, do they present a good case regarding why the home has a lower or a higher value? This exhaustive and extensive process followed by Ray Suarez quickly helps separate the quality agents from the rest.

Effective Technological Communications for Premium Customer Support

Proactively returning calls and replying to emails does play an extremely important role, however, in today’s highly modern world that we operate in, effectively being able to communicate through the technology platforms we use plays a critical role in satisfying clients. This is exactly why at Ray Suarez all our agents are technology savvy and make use of state-of-the-art technological means to ensure the best possible services are delivered from the beginning to the end. Moreover, every single system being used by us is set up to be in complete compliance with every single thing that we do.

Close Monitoring to Offer Unparalleled Services

Once an agent successfully clears our rigorous screening process and is approved for an REO listing, we closely monitor every step they take. It is not always about the money and the resources they use to market the property that makes the difference. Most of the time, as per our extensive experience in the REO market, it is out of the box thinking that gets the home sold quickly for a fairly good price. At Ray Suarez, we actively search for proactive agents.

The agents we choose must be able to contact utility companies, city, and county offices, HOA, so on and so forth, to ensure the property is free and clear of all liens. Several REO properties have multiple liens and code violations, and our hands-on agents will promptly inform asset managers of any outstanding items and present viable solutions before the property goes under contract to save both time and money. The experienced and highly professional agents working with Ray Suarez are well-trained and have extensive knowledge of compliance issues about San Antonio. They will go on to become valuable resources for any asset management company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ray Suarez is a network of real estate agents, attorneys, and contractors, all working in tandem to help REO asset managers to successfully remarket REO properties.

We are a networking organization that was established to help REO professionals to locate each other and work side by side for the benefit of all parties involved.

All our REO properties are listed with one of our local real estate agent. Our agent is the best source of information regarding the property.

No, all the local listing real estate agents working with us coordinate with the potential buyers and present all offers to us.

We list and sell all properties at the fair market value.

If the property you are purchasing is vacant of both occupants as well as belongings, you can schedule a property inspection once you have completely executed a sales contract with us to purchase the property. Any inspections carried out will be at your own expense and must be scheduled through our listing agent.