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Why Should You Opt For a Short Sale in San Antonio

For those who have never even considered this alternative, it is a process whereby the net proceeds received from the sale of a home will be less than the outstanding debt secured by liens on the home. In most cases, the net proceeds obtained from the sale of a home are more than enough to pay off the outstanding liens. However, in some instances where a lien holder agrees to take less than the total amount owed, a quick sale of a home can be arranged. This is typically referred to as a “short sale.” The process of a short sale allows a homeowner to sell his or her home for less money than it is worth. This means that a homeowner will be required to repay the difference between the price agreed upon and the actual price paid for the home. An agreement between the seller and the buyer is then made regarding the payment of this difference.

Who Is Eligible For A Real Estate Short Sale in San Antonio

Anyone can qualify for this type of deal, including homeowners with bad credit, borrowers who do not meet credit requirements, seniors, those who have missed too many payments, those who own houses in high-risk areas, and those who are delinquent in their mortgage payments. The following types of buyers are also included: investors, lenders, government agencies, banks, and real estate attorneys.

Let Us at Ray Suarez Help You Navigate the Complex Short Sale Landscape in San Antonio

Even though short sales are mostly a lot more complex than the normal real estate transaction, when you hire our talented realtors they will quickly take over, saving you time. As the property seller, one of the most important decisions that you will have to make in the process is to select a professional and experienced sales agent to manage the short sale. This is where Ray Suarez comes in handy. Our short sale agent will work alongside you to seamlessly manage the offer processes, handle all the paperwork, walk you through the process, and finally successfully close the deal. Moreover, our realtor will also help you put together a short sale package, negotiate with the lender, and work to make sure that the lender properly valuates your property.

Are You Ready For A Short Sale? We at Ray Suarez Can Help Out

Since any real estate broker can take a short sale listing, several homeowners mistakenly believe that they can also close a real estate short sale proficiently. The bitter reality however is that this process has innumerable pitfalls that necessitate the skills and knowledge of an expert short sale professional to navigate the complex landscape. Right from selecting the correct offer to making sure that the short sale package is complete to diligently working alongside lenders to negotiate a short sale agreement to ensure the bank is correctly evaluating your property, most facets of the overall short sale process right from the offer to the final approval require a high level of experience and specialization which realtors working with Ray Suarez has to offer.

Marketing Your Property to Get the Best offers

One of the crucial roles of our short sale realtor is to properly market your property and accept the best possible offer. Nonetheless, unlike in a normal real estate transaction, our agent is not looking to accept the best possible offer for the seller but the lender. Our agents ensure that the offer is only high enough for the lender to accept which is why it is presented in a manner to increase the likelihood of the lender accepting it. This is a complex process since most lenders are usually unwilling to accept any offer that is received shortly after the listing. This is because lenders view this as a sign of realtors extracting more value for the property on sale. Our experienced short sale agents will sometimes list the property at a slightly higher price than the market value and let the home sit on the market for a week or two before they drop the price. In this manner, once the seller accepts a fair price, the lender is going to view the property’s marketing history and tend to agree that the accepted offer was the best offer the agent could obtain. When it comes to a short sale in San Antonio, we understand that properly screening buyers to determine their willingness to wait out the process plays an important part.

Negotiating for Your Added Advantage

Yet another important aspect our realtors look after is the short sale negotiations. Our agents will work with your lender to make sure that the terms of your short sale agreement work in your favor. This includes negotiating for debt clemency and sometimes even cash incentives for opting for a short sale over a foreclosure. Our professional short sale agents know how to leverage the seller’s position to obtain the most advantageous terms for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to short sales, your mortgage lenders agree to let you sell your home for an amount that is lesser than what you owe them and forgives the extra debt which remains after the property is sold. This means that they are giving you cash for free, at least on paper.

No. Nobody can show up to evict you without proper notice.

Even though short sales are not as financially detrimental as foreclosures are, short sales lead to a similar effect on the homeowner’s credit score.

Foreclosures can be extremely costly for a lender. An average foreclosure can approximately cost a lender between 35-50% of the property’s value. Even though lenders will agree to a short sale, you will still require help from a qualified real estate broker to negotiate with the lender. Let us at Ray Suarez help you out!