Spring Real Estate Market is here! If you are considering selling your house, this means it is now or never time to come out of the woodwork and CALL ME, your Realtor! Zillow study reveals that 73 percent of homeowners make at least one renovation before selling, but which modifications are the best ones to get top dollar? Listed properties will look their best in the eyes of today’s homebuyers if some or all the following modifications are done to properties:


It is no wonder that homeowners are seeking methods to boost their mental health at home considering the recent tough times. Whether you receive a fair price for your listing or get top money for it depends on how well you can show that a house can accommodate self-care habits. Consider the following:

Highlight locations that can be reconfigured to suit their needs.

Do you have a space with a huge corner that would be ideal for a meditation nook? What about a multipurpose space, such as a den, office, or gym? When presenting a listing, real estate agents and their clients should emphasize and stage the different configurations that are possible.

Create spa-like bathrooms in the house.

Basic bathroom facilities are no longer available. Spa-like accents are in style. Homebuyers are far more enamored with bathrooms that demonstrate their potential as self-care centers. Reglazing obsolete tiling, replacing vanities with furniture-style vanities, making hardware swaps, and staging for self-care are all ways to create a feeling of tranquilly in a buyer’s mind.


Homebuyers have said that they would want to avoid plumbing and electrical issues for years to come. This is the most common reason for purchasing a new product. In addition, customers are seeking control because of the loss of control they have felt during the epidemic. Lower offers are most often the consequence of indicators of typical wear and tear on the house. Prospective buyers will be concerned about the condition of the house and consider the costs of repairs and replacements that they will have to include in their budgets if they purchase it. It is good to know that there are three easy solutions for normal wear and tear:

Resolve the issue of pending repairs.

Potential purchasers would flee a house if they were faced with a list of flaws that present owners are ready to put up with. To avoid receiving low-ball bids, you should take care of any repairs that are needed.

Put on a new layer of paint.

One of the simplest pre-listing modifications is to apply a new coat of paint. It is common for walls to get scuffed, scraped, or even painted over. Before you put your house on the market, give it a fresh coat of paint to make it seem and feel more modern and spacious.

Upgrade worn-out flooring by either replacing it or refinishing it.

Refinishing hardwood floors is a straightforward process that can be completed in a few hours. When people walk on the carpet, as time passes by, it is likely to become worn or soiled. Deep cleaning the carpet may be all that is necessary for certain circumstances. There are times when replacing the carpet with extra carpet or a flooring alternative that better suits today’s purchasers is the best course of action.


When individuals think about home improvement projects, they often think of the outside of their residences since it is spring. Purchasers envision spring gardening, summer cookouts, and autumn fire pit evenings when they think of a new house. As a result, preparing the exteriors of a house for sale and staging it is critical:

Boost the property’s curb appeal

Take note of any flaws in the property’s appearance from the street. Whether it is landscaping or painting the outside of the house, making a property stand out on the market is essential.

Organize the backyard 

Preparation is the key to getting people excited about spending time outside. The frigid winter months have left customers itching to go outside and enjoy the fresh air. To entice potential buyers, create an inviting backyard that they can see themselves enjoying.


When putting a house on the market, it is essential to pay attention to the rooms where we spend of our time. Make these rooms sparkle by updating and presenting them to their full potential.

Family Room

For buyers, imagining how the space may be used can help them fall in love with a home. With a little staging, you can help children visualize their family getting together to speak, play, and just hang out. Fresh paint, new flooring, and a contemporary fireplace design are all you need to bring the area into the 21st century.


As the heart of the house, the kitchen is a major selling factor for potential buyers. Stage it in a way that will make it feel inviting.

And above all, if you are considering selling your house soon, contact me. I can help you decide which if any of these improvements are necessary looking at the specific condition of your house and neighborhood. I’m available 24/7 at (210) 418-0067.